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32bit flash microcontroller ATSAMD by Atmel

* 32-Bit ARM-Cortex-M0+-CPU
* CPU-supply voltage 1,62...3,63V
* 7-channel bzw. 12-channel DMA-controller
* up to 112 I/Os
* several 16-bit timer
* up to 5 USARTs
* temperature range -40...+85°C
* by Atmel
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45309 ATSAMD21E15A-AU ATSAMD21E15A-AU 32bit flash microcontroller ATSAMD by Atmel. * 32-Bit ARM-Cortex-M0+-CPU* CPU-supply voltage 1,62...3,63V* 7-channel bzw. 12-channel DMA-controller* up to 112 I/Os* several 16-bit timer* up to 5 USARTs* temperature range -40...+85°C* by Atmel

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Data sheet

manufacturer's name ATSAMD21E15A-AU
case TQFP32
frequency [MHz] 48
Flash [KB] 32
RAM [KB] 4


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