AK 4951/10KD-5,0-grün

multiconnectors AKZ 4951 by PTR

• push-in-principle
• conductor: vertical
• pitch: 5mm
* 10-pole
• by PTR Messtechnik
• rated voltage: 250V
• rated current: 12A
• measured impulse voltage: 4kV
• rated cross section, single and fine stranded wire: 0.2 to 2.5mm²
• stripped length: 12mm
• insulating material: PA6.6
• temperature range: -30 to +105°C
• flammability class: UL94V-0
• colour: green

AK 4951/10KD-5,0-grün

39359 AK 4951/10KD-5,0-grün AK4551/10KD-3.5-GRÜN AK4551/10KD-3.5-GRÜN multiconnectors AKZ 4951 by PTR. • push-in-principle• conductor: vertical• pitch: 5mm* 10-pole• by PTR Messtechnik• rated voltage: 250V• rated current: 12A• measured impulse voltage: 4kV• rated cross section, single and fine stranded wire: 0.2 to 2.5mm²• stripped length: 12mm• insulating material: PA6.6• temperature range: -30 to +105°C• flammability class: UL94V-0• colour: green

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Data sheet

manufacturer's name AK4551/10KD-3.5-GRÜN
design Push-In
number of poles 10
height [mm] 15
length [mm] 50
T [mm] 25,6


Data Sheet

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