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VGG 322437-7UFLWA

TFT graphic modules

• high contrast LCD-TFT in format 320x240
• full-colour
• LED back light
• touch panel included
• by Evervision
• 3x8-Bit- resp. 3x6-Bit parallel RGB
• operating temperature range: -20 to +70°C

VGG 322437-7UFLWA VGG322437-7UFLWA View larger

VGG 322437-7UFLWA

106531 VGG 322437-7UFLWA VGG322437-7UFLWA VGG322437-7UFLWA TFT graphic modules. • high contrast LCD-TFT in format 320x240• full-colour• LED back light• touch panel included• by Evervision• 3x8-Bit- resp. 3x6-Bit parallel RGB• operating temperature range: -20 to +70°C

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manufacturer's name VGG322437-7UFLWA

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