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DEM 16481 SBH-PW-N

LCD dot matrix modules

• dot matrix modules with 4 lines and 16 characters
​• high contrast LCD-STN display
• LED backlight
• characters: white
• by Display Elektronik
• interface for 4- or 8-Bit data bus
• supply voltage: 5V
• operating temperature range: -20 to +70°C 

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DEM 16481 SBH-PW-N

8261 DEM 16481 SBH-PW-N DEM16481SBH-PW-N DEM16481SBH-PW-N LCD dot matrix modules. • dot matrix modules with 4 lines and 16 characters​• high contrast LCD-STN display• LED backlight• characters: white• by Display Elektronik• interface for 4- or 8-Bit data bus• supply voltage: 5V• operating temperature range: -20 to +70°C 

Data sheet

manufacturer's name DEM16481SBH-PW-N
dimensions [mm] 87x60x13,5
lines 4
characters 16
background blue
illumination white
field of view [mm] 61,8x25,2
character size [mm] 2,95x4,75


Data Sheet

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