• Mean Well KNX LED actuator series KAA-4R4V

    Mean Well
    KNX LED actuator
    series KAA-4R4V

    KNX LED actuators with an enclosure (IP20) for a direct assembly on a DIN Rail. These actuators don't require an external power supply.

  • Hammond ABS enclosure series 1593HAM

    Hammond ABS enclosures
    for BeagleBone

    New moulded ABS enclosure specifically designed to house the BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black credit card sized computer. There are no fixings.

  • Antex soldering irons

    Antex soldering irons

    Soldering irons by Antex appropriate for standard soldering, quality soldering and desoldering of SMD components.

  • Stannol soldering wire series Kristall 611 TC

    Stannol soldering wire
    series Kristall 611 TC

    Colophony-free and halogen-activated soldering wires with high activity and good flow characteristics. They allow fast solderingand and have a good wetting behavior on poorly solderable surfaces.

  • Mean Well XLG-150 series

    Mean Well
    XLG-150 series

    Dimmable 150W LED power supplies in a metal housing (IP67) with a wide input range pf 100 to 305V AC, a built-in PFC function and a low no load power consumption (<0.5W).

  • WAGO installation terminal series 770

    Installation terminals
    by Wago

    Installation terminals in a strain relief housing for connection and disconnection while not under load.

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