FPG 7 Fingergrip

vertical/horizontal SMD fuse holders

• for microfuses 5x20mm
• SMD terminals
• rated voltage: 250V
• rated current: 10A
• rated power acceptance (23°C): 2.5W
• temperature range: -40...+85°C
• IP40
• fingergrip to open by hand

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FPG 7 Fingergrip

27565 FPG 7 Fingergrip 3101.0075 3101.0075 vertical/horizontal SMD fuse holders. • for microfuses 5x20mm• SMD terminals• rated voltage: 250V• rated current: 10A• rated power acceptance (23°C): 2.5W• temperature range: -40...+85°C• IP40• fingergrip to open by hand

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