MP 120D3

3-4A, 140V, Triac output, SIP-design

• zero crossing circuit
• operating temperature: up -40 to +80°C
• by Crydom

MP 120D3

106233 MP 120D3 MP120D3 MP120D3 3-4A, 140V, Triac output, SIP-design. • zero crossing circuit• operating temperature: up -40 to +80°C• by Crydom


Manufacturer's name MP120D3
Case SIL 4
Non repetitive surge peak on-state current [A] 90
Max. off-state output voltage [V] 400
Forward current, max. [A] 3
Control voltage [V] 3...32
Load voltage [V] 12....140
Insulation voltage [V] 4000
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