DB IA UNC4-40x5/7

brass adapter spacers

* made of brass, nickel-plated
* inner thread and thread bar with UNC4-40 thread
* length tolerance: ±0,1mm
* key width (SW): 5mm
* thread (G1, G2): UNC4-40

DB IA UNC4-40x5/7

42174 DB IA UNC4-40x5/7 308104040050 308104040050 brass adapter spacers. * made of brass, nickel-plated* inner thread and thread bar with UNC4-40 thread* length tolerance: ±0,1mm* key width (SW): 5mm* thread (G1, G2): UNC4-40


Manufacturer's name 308104040050
B [mm] 7
C [mm] 3
Length [mm] 5
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