KSV T 0,5 A

SMD fuses

* trip out: time lag
* housing: 8x4.5x4.5mm
* by Siba
* ceramic tube non-transparent
* contact caps: brass, silver-plated
* used to resist high and slow-blowing inrush currents
* rated voltage: 250V
* switching capacity (@ AC/DC 125V): 50A
* soldering heat resistance (acc. IEC60068): 260°C/10s
* rated breaking capacity (@ AC 250V): 100A
fusing time limits:
* 1.5xIN, min.: 1h
* 2.1xIN, max.: 2 min.
* 2.75xIN, min.: 400ms
* 2.75xIN, max.: 10s
* 4xIN, min.: 150ms
* 4xIN, max.: 3s
* 10x IN, min.: 20ms
* 10xIN, max.: 150ms

KSV T 0,5 A

27305 KSV T 0,5 A 160000.0,5GT 160000.0,5GT SMD fuses. * trip out: time lag* housing: 8x4.5x4.5mm* by Siba* ceramic tube non-transparent* contact caps: brass, silver-plated* used to resist high and slow-blowing inrush currents* rated voltage: 250V* switching capacity (@ AC/DC 125V): 50A* soldering heat resistance (acc. IEC60068): 260°C/10s* rated breaking capacity (@ AC 250V): 100Afusing time limits:* 1.5xIN, min.: 1h* 2.1xIN, max.: 2 min.* 2.75xIN, min.: 400ms* 2.75xIN, max.: 10s* 4xIN, min.: 150ms* 4xIN, max.: 3s* 10x IN, min.: 20ms* 10xIN, max.: 150ms

Data sheet

manufacturer's name 160000.0,5GT
design time lag
rated current [mA] 500


Data Sheet

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