SR4 D 24V

rated current: 8A

* relay with forcibly guided contacts according to EN50205
* 4-pole safety relay
* category of protection RTIII (wash tight)
* contact
SR4 D 24V: 2 NO+2 NC
SR4 M 24V: 3 NO+1 NC
* contact material: AgSnO2
* rated current: 8A
* max. switching voltage: 400V AC
* max. switching power: 2000VA
* creepage/clearance: 10/10mm
* testing voltage
coil/contact: 4000Vrms
contact/contact: 2500Vrms
opening contact: 1500Vrms
* lifetime
mechanical: 10x106 pperations
* operating temperature: -25...+70°C

SR4 D 24V

28819 SR4 D 24V 3-1415055-1 3-1415055-1 rated current: 8A. * relay with forcibly guided contacts according to EN50205* 4-pole safety relay* category of protection RTIII (wash tight)* contact SR4 D 24V: 2 NO+2 NCSR4 M 24V: 3 NO+1 NC* contact material: AgSnO2* rated current: 8A* max. switching voltage: 400V AC* max. switching power: 2000VA* creepage/clearance: 10/10mm* testing voltagecoil/contact: 4000Vrmscontact/contact: 2500Vrmsopening contact: 1500Vrms* lifetimemechanical: 10x106 pperations* operating temperature: -25...+70°C


Manufacturer's name 3-1415055-1
Rated current [mA] 33,3
Switch positions 2...
Response voltage [V] 18...36
Max. switching voltage [V] 450
Max. switching power [VA] 2000
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