rated current: 30A

* smallest power relay
* for Automotive Applications
* 30A 16VDC switching rating
* contact: SPDT
* contact material: AgSnO2
* rated current: 30A
* max. switching current: 30A
* max. switching voltage: 30V DC
* max. switching power: 420W
* operate/release time: 4/2ms
* testing voltage coil/contact: 500V
* lifetime mechanical: 10x106 operations
* lifetime electrical: 10x104 operations
* housing: 13,2x12,3x9,8mm
* operating temperature: -40...+105°C
* weight approx.: 4g


38836 TRS-L-24VDC-S-Z TRS-L-24VDC-S-Z rated current: 30A. * smallest power relay* for Automotive Applications* 30A 16VDC switching rating* contact: SPDT* contact material: AgSnO2* rated current: 30A* max. switching current: 30A* max. switching voltage: 30V DC* max. switching power: 420W* operate/release time: 4/2ms* testing voltage coil/contact: 500V* lifetime mechanical: 10x106 operations* lifetime electrical: 10x104 operations* housing: 13,2x12,3x9,8mm* operating temperature: -40...+105°C* weight approx.: 4g


Manufacturer's name TRS-L-24VDC-S-Z
Operating voltage [V] 2,4...13,78
Nominal capacity [W] 570
Switching current [A] 30
Nominal resistance [Ω] 101
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