T7 YA 1 M

Serie: T7YA

* high stability
* low temperature coefficient
* easy to read scale
* only 7mm (0.275”) in diameter
* sealed plastic case
* taper: linear
* power rating (TU = 85°C): 0.5W
* operating voltage, max.: 250V
* temperature range: -55...+125°C
* protection class: IP64

T7 YA 1 M

27632 T7 YA 1 M T7YA105MT20 T7YA105MT20 Serie: T7YA. * high stability* low temperature coefficient* easy to read scale* only 7mm (0.275”) in diameter* sealed plastic case* taper: linear* power rating (TU = 85°C): 0.5W* operating voltage, max.: 250V* temperature range: -55...+125°C* protection class: IP64


Manufacturer's name T7YA105MT20
Resistance [Ω] 1M
Power, max. [W] 0,5
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