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RRS A 12 V

reed relays, SIL housing, 1 normally-open

• flux density version
• high coil resistance
• loop current detection
• insulation resistance (coil/contacts): 1500V
• requires only half the PCB area of DIP/DIL relays
• configuration: SPST-NO
• switching capacity, max.: 15W
• switching voltage, max.: 200V DC
• switching current, max.: 1A
• transport current, max.: 1.25A
• contact resistance: 150mΩ
• insulation resistance (coil/contacts): 1013Ω
• breakdown voltage, min. (coil/contacts): 1.500V DC
• operate time, max. (incl. bounce): 0.7ms
• release time, max.: 0.1ms
• vibration resistance (10...2000Hz): 20G
• temperature range: -20...+70°C
• soldering temperature/time: 260°C/5s
• coil data: polarized, monostable

RRS A 12 V

16816 RRS A 12 V SIL12-1A72-71L SIL12-1A72-71L reed relays, SIL housing, 1 normally-open. • flux density version• high coil resistance• loop current detection• insulation resistance (coil/contacts): 1500V• requires only half the PCB area of DIP/DIL relays• configuration: SPST-NO• switching capacity, max.: 15W• switching voltage, max.: 200V DC• switching current, max.: 1A• transport current, max.: 1.25A• contact resistance: 150mΩ• insulation resistance (coil/contacts): 1013Ω• breakdown voltage, min. (coil/contacts): 1.500V DC• operate time, max. (incl. bounce): 0.7ms• release time, max.: 0.1ms• vibration resistance (10...2000Hz): 20G• temperature range: -20...+70°C• soldering temperature/time: 260°C/5s• coil data: polarized, monostable

Data sheet

manufacturer's name SIL12-1A72-71L
nominal resistance [Ω] 1000
response voltage [V] 8,4...33
max. switching voltage [V] 200
max. switching power [W] 15


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