KS 126

Fischer U-profile heatsinks

  • Fischer U-profile heatsinks for SOT32 housings
  • black anodised aluminium sheet, approx. 1,5mm thick
  • formed accorrding to design
  • with a thermal resistance of 30 K/W
  • dimensions: 25x12x15mm

KS 126

13959 KS 126 SK 12/25/SA-32 SK 12/25/SA-32 Fischer U-profile heatsinks. Fischer U-profile heatsinks for SOT32 housingsblack anodised aluminium sheet, approx. 1,5mm thickformed accorrding to designwith a thermal resistance of 30 K/Wdimensions: 25x12x15mm


Manufacturer's name SK 12/25/SA-32

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