• Mean Well battery charger series NPP-1700

    Mean Well battery charger series NPP-1700

    External battery chargers with 1700W, a 3-stage charging curve, a remote ON/OFF control and a built-in fan. These devices are suitable for lead-acid batteries and can be used as power supplies.

  • Mean Well LED driver series PWM

    Mean Well LED driver series PWM

    LED drivers with a PWM style output, a KNX interface, protection class II and a low no‑load power. These flickerfree devices are suitable for LED lighting applications.

  • Mean Well LED driver series HLG-240H-C

    Mean Well LED driver series HLG

    LED drivers from Mean Well in a metal housing (IP65) with 40 to 600W, a constant current as well as a 3 in 1 dimming function (1 to 10VDC, 10V PWM, 100kOhm potentiometer).

  • Mean Well switching power supply series UHP

    Mean Well switching power supply series UHP

    Switching power supplies in an enclosed housing (U-bracket) with 200 to 1500W. They have a fanless design, a built‑in active PFC function and various protection as well as special functions.

  • iMaXX automotive fuse series MGHV

    iMaXX automotive fuses

    Automotive fuses in a robust housing with tin‑plated copper blades as well as a breaking capacity of 2500A. Our product range includes a broad selection of different automotive fuses for various applications.

  • Camtec DIN rail power supplies

    Sunon power supply series HSEUREG

    Switching power supplies from Camtec in a metal housing with 1000W, a parallel function and protection class I. These devices are suitable for DIN rail mounting and have a programmable output voltage.

  • Sunon fan series MFC

    Sunon fan series MFC

    Very quiet DC fans from Sunon with a diameter of 120mm, a high airflow, MagLev technology, a PWM function and a 4-pole connection, ideal for use in computers.

  • Kemet SuperCap series FG/FS/FY/FT

    Kemet SuperCaps

    Electric double‑layer capacitors (EDLCs) from Kemet with high capacitances and a compact size. Our product range includes types with a rated voltage of 2,1 to 5,5V.

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