• Mean Well LDC series

    Mean Well LDC series

    LED power supplies with a low profile, constant power output and PFC function. Available with an output power of 35, 55 and 80 watts.

  • FSTN grafic modules

    Liquid crystal displays

    high contrast LCD-FSTN displays and other grafic modules by Electronic Assembly and Display Elektronik

  • Heatsinks

    Heat sinks

    IC heatsinks and U-profile heat sinks für different case types, finger heatsinks by Fischer for TO and SOT cases, special heat sinks with built-in fan, clip-on heatsinks as well as extruded heat sinks with soldering pins or transistor clips. Above that mounting accessories, glues and heat tranfer compounds.

  • Elektro-Chemie

    Friendly cleaners universal cleaners, heavy duty degreasers and a combination of both. Special cleaners for label off, magnetic head cleaning, (TFT)-screen cleaning as well as pure isopropyl alcohol. Lubrication sprays in the form of multi-purpose oil, kontaflon, precision-engineering oil and sprayable vaseline.

  • A 2175

    Round fans

    Fans with 230 V AC and an integrated terminal plug or a stranded wire connection by Sunon. 

  • switching power supply by Mean Well

    Switching power supply by Mean Well

    Enclosed switching power supply by Mean Well with an integrated choke, universal input and SELV. This device can be mounted on a DIN rail and is protected against overload, short circuit and overvoltage.

  • KNX-DALI Gateway

    KNX-DALI Gateway series by Mean Well

    This power supply unites the DALI bus which was designed for lighing control with the KNX installation bus. Lighting can be controlled through the buttons on the Gateway or the integrated web server.

  • splicing connectors

    Splicing material by WAGO

    Installation terminals with push-in operating levers. Series COMPACT 221 by Wago .

  • New switiching power supplies by Self

    New switiching power supplies by Self

    The wide range of high quality switching power supplies for illumination/LED in innovative designs got extended by adding the new power supply series by manufacturer Self.

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