• USB plug-in power supplies by HN-Power

    USB plug-in power supplies

    Various plug-in switching power supplies by HN-Power

  • compact dimensions

    Compact dimensions

    Im comparison to the DR series, the HDR series by Mean Well has remarkably smaller size. We're offering the seires HDR-15, HDR-30 and HDR-60.

  • Elektro-Chemie

    Friendly cleaners universal cleaners, heavy duty degreasers and a combination of both. Special cleaners for label off, magnetic head cleaning, (TFT)-screen cleaning as well as pure isopropyl alcohol. Lubrication sprays in the form of multi-purpose oil, kontaflon, precision-engineering oil and sprayable vaseline.

  • A 2175

    Round fans

    Fans with 230 V AC and an integrated terminal plug or a stranded wire connection by Sunon. 

  • Heatsinks

    Heat sinks

    IC heatsinks and U-profile heat sinks für different case types, finger heatsinks by Fischer for TO and SOT cases, special heat sinks with built-in fan, clip-on heatsinks as well as extruded heat sinks with soldering pins or transistor clips. Above that mounting accessories, glues and heat tranfer compounds.

  • FSTN grafic modules

    Liquid crystal displays

    high contrast LCD-FSTN displays and other grafic modules by Electronic Assembly and Display Elektronik

  • HEP series for harsh environments

    HEP series by Mean Well

    Switching power supplies in aluminium enclosure. Suitable for in humid and dusty environments.

  • splicing connectors

    Splicing material by WAGO

    Installation terminals with push-in operating levers. Series COMPACT 221 by Wago .

  • New switiching power supplies by Self

    New switiching power supplies by Self

    The wide range of high quality switching power supplies for illumination/LED in innovative designs got extended by adding the new power supply series by manufacturer Self.

  • Secure data transfer

    All information are tranferred SS encoded.

  • Always up-to-date stock levels

    See the current availability of every single article at any time.

  • Fast and secure payment

    We offer prepayment and payment via Paypal, Visa and MasterCard.